WordPress is not an exception when it comes khổng lồ errors. It can range from your WordPress hosting lớn bugs in your theme or plugins. Some errors can be fixed by tweaking a thing or two, while others can take days of troubleshooting to get fixed. All this can affect your trang web traffic growth & user experience.

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Let’s assume that your trang web is working fine until a minor glitch took place a few days back và you didn’t notice. Suddenly, you come across “500 Internal hệ thống Error” on every page of your website. Don’t worry! Due to lớn the nature and diversity of the CMS itself, you can find a solution for everything.

In this article, I’ll tell you how to lớn fix “500 Internal server Error” in WordPress, so you don’t have lớn face this issue next time, và even if you do, you have a ready solution at hand.

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What Is “500 Internal server Error”?

500 error occurs on the server màn chơi when the server cannot show the requested page. An internal vps error is an application-side issue that can occur on your web server. When you write a specific URL into the address bar or if you click a liên kết on a website, you are requesting the hệ thống to show you a page. For some reason, the hệ thống cannot show you that specific page you are looking for, which means you are facing an internal vps error, as shown below.


– Deactivate WordPress Plugins

The internal server error must occur if your website doesn’t work properly due to lớn a malfunctioning plugin. Activate each plugin one by one và refresh your website after each plugin activation. The problematic plugin will soon be identified.

You may either remove this plugin and replace it with an updated plugin or contact their support team lớn release its patch so it can be used. Ideally, at this point, the issue has been settled. If not, move to lớn the following step.

Fresh wp-admin và wp-includes

Sometimes it is more difficult than one expected khổng lồ resolve an error. Typical WordPress consists of third-party themes and plugins, và auditing their source code is no walk in the park.

In this section, you need to tải về new wp-admin và wp-content folders & upload them to lớn live host via FTP. Please make sure that you have backed up the website before this step.

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Contact Your Hosting Provider

If the problem persists even after the investigation of these common causes, then it is advised that you should contact your hosting provider. You can place a request to the technical experts who can resolve your issue by going over your server settings.

You can find multiple error messages related lớn the 500 Internal server Error message as they are all server-side errors. Such an example of a 500 error is the 502 Bad Gateway Error.

If you are a user and have lớn face these above errors, you need to contact our support Team. They will guide how you can resolve these issues.

Q1. What causes a 500 error?

The 500 (Internal server Error 500) error code message is commonly associated with a Web hệ thống crash problem. This error message does not necessarily mean that the web host is responsible. The causes of one such failure are multiple.

The website server’s HTTP header information indicates to the client that something is not working normally without detailing the exact cause of the failure.

Q2. What is a 500 error?

A 500 error is an internal hệ thống error. This error may be due to lớn a script error or misconfiguration of your website hosting. It is not necessarily the hosting is responsible, but surely, in any case, this error can be resolved by you.


I hope you find this guide helpful and that you were able lớn solve your “500 Internal server Error” in WordPress. Have you figured out any other way to get rid of this problem? Please nói qua your solutions with us in the comment section below. I am sure it will be beneficial for others who are facing similar issues.