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Before you can enroll for an lạ Server Certificate, you must generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) from your website VPS software. During the creation of the CSR, the following fields must be entered: Organization (O), Organizational Unit (OU), Country (C), State (S), Locality (L), and Comtháng Name (CN). The Comtháng Name field is often misunderstood and filled out incorrectly.

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Need a certificate? liê has you covered. Compare options here to find the right choice for you, from S/MIME and code signing certificates and more.

ORDER NOWThe Comtháng Name is typically composed of Host + Domain Name và will look like or liê Server Certificates are specific to lớn the Comtháng Name that they have sầu been issued to lớn at the Host level.

The Common Name must be the same as the Web address you will be accessing when connecting to lớn a secure site. For example, an liê Server Certificate for the domain will receive a browser warning if accessing a site named or, as www.tên miề and are different from You would need khổng lồ create a CSR for the correct Common Name.

Note: For examples of browser error messages resulting from an incorrect comtháng name, please see this article.

By default all Basic, Wildcard và Enterprise EV certificates ordered from tiề will automatically add www. to any domain name name registered. You can thus secure when filling out the Comtháng Name field automatically – just enter your own domain và your certificate will automatically cover domain AND

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