Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity

Introduction:It is potential that when the last updates of Filezilla you did not connect with your FTPhường VPS, the error that typically shows is that the following: Error connection timed out after twenty seconds of inactivityThis error typically happens on those servers that have sầu a TLS connection; however, the negotiation with the client program (Filezilla) isn"t done properly. This incidence is often resolved each at the client cấp độ & at the server màn chơi.1) Solution at client levelWe can modify the connection mode in the FTP. For this we will need to open the program used lớn make this connection, in this case we assume Filezilla, & we will follow some below steps to lớn solve sầu this problem:mở cửa filezillaCliông chồng on “Site manager” under “File” tab.

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Hostname: Your tên miền name or IP. addressPort number: 21Protocol: FTPEncryption: “Only use plan FTP. (insecure)”Logon type: NormalIf this still does not connect properly lớn the FTPhường server, then we can try lớn modify the connection mode either active mode or passive mode. For this we need to navigate khổng lồ Edit menu:Cliông xã on Edit thực đơn and choose”Settings”.

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2) Solution at server level (Control panel)The error can also be resolved from the server perspective, lớn force the client mail program to connect directly through an unencrypted connection which is not advised.In cPanel server check for the FTP server configuration:Home >> Service configuration >> FTP hệ thống configuration >> Here you can check for TLS encryption support which should be enabled on hệ thống.

You can enable the passive ports, in order for connection with TLS encryption does not fail which is advised, for this you need lớn modify the FTPhường. configuration tệp tin settings.Pure-ftpd is used và the configuration files are located in the path mentioned /etc/pure-ftpd.conf
, and you can see commented related to lớn PassivePortRange field. This has the range of ports that will be opened for the FTP service. This will only decompose it. In case of having a firewall we will add these port ranges so that they will open or we need khổng lồ indicate the ports that we want to be used for the connections with the FTP. service.
In those servers that are not in control panel, it will be the same, or disable the use of the TLS or you can enable the ports from the configuration file of the service lớn make the secure connections
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