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Share Your Technical Expertise on Alibaba Cloud to lớn Win $500 USD Coupon & Tech FameAre you a developer or system administrator with Cloud Computing expertise? vị you have a way of decoding a technical task and then teaching others with easy-to-follow instructions? vì chưng you have some visionary ideas và insights that you’ve been meaning lớn get out there before someone else does? vì you want to lớn win BIG as well as tech fame?Well, here’s your chance to lớn get started.

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Alibaba Cloud Tech Share is calling on developers, system administrators, và aspiring thought leaders khổng lồ create và share their own original content with the Alibaba Cloud community. To lớn boost your own online following, raise your credentials, or to even just địa chỉ cửa hàng an Alibaba Cloud backed award lớn your LinkedIn page, Alibaba Cloud Tech nội dung is the perfect platform lớn get started. On đứng đầu of the public recognition và ego-boost is the chance to lớn win $500 USD Alibaba Cloud coupon which you can use khổng lồ access không tính phí cloud resources for a startup, a side-hustle project or an online blog. DurationThe contest will run from January 1st, 2017 lớn February 28th, 2017 (GMT+8)PrizesWe will be awarding prizes in two separate categories. The first category is based on the quality of the submission in regards khổng lồ innovation or a new approach to a topic, while the second category is based on the popularity of the article.Most Valuable nội dung (decided by Judges from Alibaba Cloud based on nội dung quality, innovative, or new approaches lớn topics):1st Place - $500 USD Alibaba Cloud Hosting Coupon2nd Place - $300 USD Alibaba Cloud Hosting Coupon3rd Place - $200 USD Alibaba Cloud Hosting CouponMost Popular nội dung (based on the number of replies under each post):1st Place - $500 USD Alibaba Cloud Hosting Coupon.2nd Place - $300 USD Alibaba Cloud Hosting Coupon.3rd Place - $200 USD Alibaba Cloud Hosting Coupon.All writers who enter the competition and meet the criteria below will also receive a $50 USD Alibaba Cloud Hosting Coupon. However, please note that you are only eligible khổng lồ win one prize in this contest. How to WinTo win a prize you will need to lớn comply with the following steps:1) Write your own original content related to Alibaba Cloud. We are leaving the topics relatively wide mở cửa but some suggested subjects include website project deployment using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento or other platforms. Other suggestions include Application development or deployment experience in industry verticals, including Multimedia, Gaming, E-commerce, or IoT. Other suggestions include best practices or tutorials on Alibaba Cloud products or solutions. Sample articles are as follows:Build a WordPress trang web Step by StepSet Up Direct Data Transfer for a mobile App2) Submit your content post to lớn the Alibaba Cloud Beginners thread of the Alibaba Cloud Forum.

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The submission should be flagged & start with ‘Alibaba Cloud Tech
Share’ in the title. An example nội dung piece on ‘WordPress Tips for China’ would have the title of ‘Alibaba Cloud Tech Share – WordPress Tips for China.’ Make sure you login lớn your Alibaba Cloud trương mục before navigating to the diễn đàn in order khổng lồ publish your article.3) Ask your friends and colleagues to lớn read and phản hồi under your post to lớn provide feedback or help refine your ideas. (Although all writers can win coupons, the number of the comments/replies under their post will decide the 3 Most Popular content winners). 4) On the last day of the event, Alibaba Cloud will announce the winners on our website và social media and deliver coupons khổng lồ the authors within 5 working days. Coupons for the winners can be accessed via the Alibaba Cloud Console. Rules You Need to Know- content pieces should be no less than 1,000 words in length. Images, videos & infographics can be included but bởi not showroom to the word count.- Only English-language content entries are eligible. - The submission must be an original piece of work (that has not previously been published) & created during the competition period (Jan 1 - Feb 28, 2017).- nội dung should be accurate và helpful for other users, misleading information will not be accepted.- Multiple entries from a single author are acceptable but only one entry is eligible lớn win a prize, not including the USD $50 participatory prize. - Multiple authors of a single post are accepted but only the Alibaba Cloud tài khoản registrant that submits the entry is eligible to receive the coupon prize. - Users may not manipulate the results in any way, including creating fictitious accounts khổng lồ populate giả comments. - All expertise should be based on the Alibaba Cloud International website ( Sabith Venkitachalapathy, Cloud Architecture Specialist, Alibaba Cloud- Oliver Theobald, content Strategist, Alibaba Cloud- Derek Trepoff, Alibaba Cloud Evangelist and đài loan trung quốc Infrastructure SpecialistOther Important Information1) Alibaba Cloud has the right lớn cite and republish your nội dung within other Alibaba Cloud resources (i.e. White papers, social truyền thông media and user tutorials).2) If you are new lớn Alibaba Cloud và currently bởi not have any credit on your Alibaba Cloud account, you may use the 30-day không tính tiền Trial to test and deploy projects, and which will help you lớn later write your content entry.3) All prizes (i.e. Alibaba Cloud Hosting Coupon) shall be subject to the specific terms & conditions of use of such Alibaba Cloud Hosting Coupon.If you have any question on the event, please send an e-mail to contentshare