Or you know that it is possible, but all the methods you've found are hackie & with lots of steps

Not to lớn mention you'll need lớn be able lớn code the newsletter before you can even insert HTML inkhổng lồ Gmail.‍So...

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Is there a way lớn send HTML tin nhắn in Gmail, without being able to lớn code, & without hacking systems?

I'm hear to lớn tell you that yes, there definitely is.

And it's a lot simpler than you think.

Keep reading và you'll learn a new method that makes sending a Gmail newsletter, as simple as copy & paste.

First things first... Can you sover HTML emails in Gmail?

The answer is yes. Infact every gmail you skết thúc through Gmail is a HTML email.

Any style that you apply to lớn your email using the editing options in Gmail uses HTML. For example, when you make text italic, it applies the HTML word to visibly render it in italics. This is also the case with all other email service providers lượt thích Outlook.com and YahooMail etc.

It's also true that every email client available can read and render HTML. So it's less of can you skết thúc html email in Gmail, but rather howkhổng lồ send html gmail.

Why send a Gmail Newsletter?

The main reason for wanting to lớn sover html emails in Gmail is khổng lồ be able lớn sover a newsletter style email.

Before I get inkhổng lồ how to create a Gmail newsletter, lets look at some of the benefits of sending with Gmail. Instead of something like Mailchimp or ampaign onitor for example.

Being able to skết thúc a newsletter through Gmail is also a fantastic internal comms channel to lớn skết thúc your company newsletter.

It's More Personal

I know what you're thinking, newsletters by there very nature are not personal.

Generally you're right. You hear "newsletter" và your brain soon thinks of the words mass, impersonal và spam.

Newsletters have had a bad rap, and for good reason, lots of people not putting their audience first. Sending out mass spam that isn't relevant, isn't personal & isn't valuable lớn the reader.

But times are changing and the newsletter is being revived.

Sales & marketing professionals are realising the power of understanding their customers.

Which in turn leads khổng lồ creating a newsletter they actually want lớn read or receive.

This is why Gmail newsletters can be more personal. By it's nature Gmail imposes strict sending limits compared to lớn newsletter services. So you have to be selective with who is on the recipient list.

If you have sầu lớn be selective with who receives it, it is a more personal email.

It also increases your chances of adding more relevant nội dung. As you will know the audience & their likes & dislikes better.

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Dramatically increasing the positive response lớn your email.

Avoid The Dreaded Gmail Promotions Tab

This is a big one.The second factor that makes it more personal is that the tin nhắn comes from your tin nhắn address.

You can also phối newsletter services up lớn look lượt thích the email has been sent from your personal address. But, it usually requires quite a few technical steps.

Most importantly though, is that in this way, the email is still being sent via Mailchimps servers.

This counts becuase Gmail is getting smarter with it's tabs. Here's exactly what you need to lớn know about Gmail Tabs.

Gmail tabs are the automatic filter system that buckets emails inlớn tabs in your inbox. So incoming gmail either gets added to lớn Primary, Social, Promotions or the Updates tabs.

At the end of năm ngoái Gmail had over 1 billion monthly active sầu users. Lets put that inlớn perspective. In năm nhâm thìn there were only 2.6 billion people using tin nhắn TOTAL. So Gmail is pretty much một nửa of the market cốt truyện.

Landing in the Promotions Tab becuase your newsletter came from Mailchimp sucks.

Which is why sending a email newsletter from your personal account rocks. It increases the chance of it landing in the Primary Tab. Which everyone checks.


A word of caution though. Sending spammy, unsolicited emails from any tin nhắn trương mục will harm deliverability. Or more likely get you blacklisted.

Only ever send information you know your readers would value. Hence why it's so important lớn underst& your customers.

How To Create HTML E-Mail In Gmail


Gmail doesn't have sầu the functionality to lớn create a well designed newsletter built in. It's editing features are set on formatting text. And that's about it.

So what are your options?

Can you code? Great.

What about with client specific best practices, so your newsletter renders well everywhere? You’re also going lớn need to lớn find a way of getting that HTML into lớn Gmail, if you can bởi that, then you might be all set!

Phenomenal.You probably don't need to lớn be reading this article then.

Although I would suggest looking inlớn E-Mail on Acid & Litmusf you don't already.

It's what we use lớn chạy thử & optimise our gmail HTML lớn render in all clients and thiết bị di động.

For the rest of us, with none lớn basic HTML skills, this is where we usually start asking for help.

But not anymore.

thietkewebhcm.com.vn is a newsletter creator that removes the need for any HTML knowledge. If you can drag and drop, you can create beautiful newsletters in minutes.Newsletters that work perfectly in Gmail (và any other gmail service for that matter).