Fix: We'Re Having Trouble Finding That Site Firefox Error



A window will appear containing cache removing options. Choose “Everything” besides the Time range to clear.

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 then mark all the boxes & tap on the “Clear now” option available below.

Now, check if you are able to lớn visit sites or not. If you are yet not done with the “Hmilimet we’re having trouble finding that site” issue. Go for the next hachồng and re-install the whole package.

Locate “Mozilla Firefox”, right tap on it, and choose “Uninstall”.If any prompt appears, just confirm it. Then continue with the on-screen instructions to remove it.

Once done, “Restart” your system.Once it turns on, just download the Firefox installation package via another browser. Then tap on the downloaded file to run it & finish the installation.
Once it is done, check whether the issue “Hmm we’re having trouble finding that site” got fixed or not. In case it still appears just move to the next fix to lớn look after the connection of your system. 
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Look after the Connection

There can be an issue in your network connectivity that needs to lớn be fixed. we advise you to try a wired connection one khổng lồ check if it gets fixed or not. Also, try to lớn Restart your router, these basic things have sầu worked for many. Once you finish doing all this still no progress, go for flushing the DNS.Go with the following steps lớn flush DNS:
Tap on the Windows biểu tượng logo key with “X” and choose “Commvà Prompt (Admin)”. You can also go with the “PowerShell (Admin)” option in case it is there.
Now, go with the following commands one by one followed by the ENTER key:ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /flushdns
make sure you are not hurrying the process. It will take time after each ENTER so be patient until the one commvà finishes its execution.At last type “Exit” then ENTER. this will exit the command prompt. Now Refresh your system and open the Firefox.
Now, check “Hmilimet we’re having trouble finding that site” issue got fixed or not. If not then carry on with the next method and disable the Add-ons.Note: Make sure the firmware of your router is up lớn date, if not then update it. Also, we advise you to try resetting your router to lớn factory settings. To vì chưng so just tap on the routers power/Remix toggle till it turns off & on automatically. 

Restart & Disable Add-ons in your Firefox

These add-ons in Mozilla Firefox offer great service but sometimes this ruins the overall experience. In the case of chrome, its extension which needs lớn be picked carefully. Users have sầu reported that after getting a particular extension they started getting such issues while visiting sites. Go with the following detailed steps.Steps khổng lồ Restart the Add-ons in Firefox:
Open your Firefox browser then tap on the MENU (Three dots or hamburger in top right) & choose “Help”.
From the list tap on “Restart with Add-ons disabled”. You will get a prompt, tap on the “Restart” button.

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Steps to lớn Disable Add-ons in Firefox:Tap on “Ctrl” key, “Shift” key, & “A” at the same time (Together). this will open the Add-ons screen.Go for Disabling each Add-ons/ Extension one by one. Once it is done just Restart your Firefox.
Now, try to lớn visit other sites khổng lồ kiểm tra if you are able or not. In case firefox is still showing “Hmm we’re having trouble finding that site” then go with the next fix.

Disable IPv6 in your Mozilla

Many users have reported that after looking out on these three factors they fixed the issue. As IPv6 is the platsize compatible with Firefox. In case you ever had a single IPv4 based setting, then you will struggle while reaching sites. We advise you khổng lồ disable the IPv6 to have a good output.
mở cửa the Mozilla Firefox and get into its search bar. write “about:config” then press ENTER và confirm the risk by accepting.
Now look for “IPv6” in the search bar. You will tìm kiếm results, double tap on “network.dns.disableIPv6 phối “false”.
This will disable the IPv6, now check if the issue got fixed or not. If not, there might be a conflict with Proxy. 

Disable Proxy và DNS Prefetching

General Proxy settings rarely create any issue. So, we advise you lớn disable your current proxy hệ thống configuration. This has worked for many khổng lồ fix this issue.DNS prefetching allows sites with minimum cađậy more easily. In that case, the site you are visiting is cached then this might prsự kiện it. So, go for disabling it as well.To Disable the Proxy
xuất hiện your Firefox browser then tap on the MENU (Three dots or hamburger in top left) and choose “Options”.
Get downy scrolling and Look for NETWORK PROXY heading, tap on the “Settings” toggle available in left.
After disabling Proxy, kiểm tra if the issue “Hmm we‘re having trouble finding that site” got fixed or not. If not, the culprit might be the DNS Prefetching feature.Go for Disabling DNS Prefetching feature:
Follow Step 1 of Method 5 again.A danh sách will be there, just right tap on it and choose “New” then tap on “Boolean”.Now go for “network.dns.disablePrefetch” in the preference dialog box và tap ENTER. then Set the preference to lớn “True”.Now, Restart your Firefox.
Once it turns on, visit the site you were facing issue with. By now the issue “Hmm we‘re having trouble finding that site” should get fixed. 
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Do not open unauthentic sites by tapping on suspicious liên kết. This can malfunction your system.Do have a good antivirut lớn protect your windows system.While getting Add-ons or extensions khổng lồ be careful. As that might e conflicting with browsers setting & causing these issues.

Liên hệ Official Support

If you are still getting “Hmm we’re having trouble finding that site”. Please go for official tư vấn as per the respective sầu manufacturer. At first, get help from your Browser support like Mozilla Firefox support.Then approach the Microsoft windows to tư vấn lớn get resolve. As the culprit can e system’s file as well. You can also visit the nearest repair center if this keeps appearing. No chaos! it is fixable. 

Final Words: Conclusion

Overall, one of these methods should definitely fix “Hmilimet we’re having trouble finding that site” issue. If you are stuchồng anywhere just consult our team. Don’t forget to share your suggestion regarding alternative sầu solutions lớn fix this issue.Once you are able khổng lồ visit your desired trang web, leave us your views regarding our service.

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