How to import sql file to mysql using command line


If you backed up or exported a database to lớn a SQL tệp tin, you can import it inlớn one of your hosting account's MySquốc lộ databases through phpMyAdmin.

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Note: You vì chưng not need to lớn include the CREATE DATABASE line in your MySQL database. If you vị include it, your import might fail. We recommend removing the line before importing your database.The phpMyAdmin interface only lets you import 8MB of data at one time. If you need lớn import more than 8MB, we recommend breaking up the file inlớn 8MB pieces.

Warning: If you are importing a database for Managed WordPress, you must make additional changes lớn your Squốc lộ tệp tin for your site to lớn work properly.
To Import Squốc lộ Files into lớn MySQL Databases Using phpMyAdmin On the left, cliông chồng the database you want khổng lồ use.Select the Import tab.Cliông xã Browse, locate the Squốc lộ file on your computer, cliông xã Open, & then cliông xã Go.

This runs the Squốc lộ file and updates the database as specified in your Squốc lộ tệp tin. It might take several minutes khổng lồ restore the database.

Note: If you receive sầu an error message stating "Script timeout passed, if you want to finish import, please resubmit same file và import will resume" you can immediately select the same file to import & continue the restore where it left off.

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After the database restores, make sure your connection strings are up khổng lồ date. For more information, see Update WordPress database connection string.


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