As beginners, most WordPress users find it difficult lớn access the WordPress admin login page with localhost or live site. So I am going lớn break down this issue once for all.

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How to Access WordPress Admin on localhost (localhost/wordpress/wp-admin)

To access the WordPress admin or login page on the localhost, first, make sure your web vps or localhost is running. Now, You can log in khổng lồ your WordPress admin dashboard on localhost by following the ways given below:http://localhost/wordpress/wp-adminhttp://localhost/wordpress/adminhttp://localhost/wordpress/loginhttp://localhost/wordpress/wp-login.phpAll the URLs given above are standard WordPress admin URLs for localhost. However, it can be different for different users based upon their localhost, project name, or WordPress directory.

Let me explain lớn you what it means, So you can change your WordPress admin login URL as per your localhost settings và WordPress project name.http://localhost – This refers to lớn the mặc định localhost address và acts as a domain name in the localhost. If your localhost uses any port number like 8080, 8088, etc, then you can use it with your port number like http://localhost:8080/wordpress – This refers lớn the standard WordPress directory or project name that contains all the WordPress files, folders of your project. So if your WordPress directory or project name is different, then you can use that name here./wp-admin | /admin | /login | /wp-login.php – These all are the default WordPress admin URL suffixes, that tell WordPress, you are trying to lớn access the WordPress admin login page.

How to Access WordPress Admin on a Live Site

To log in to WordPress admin on a live site, you can follow the link given below. ( Replace your-domain-name.com with your domain name name ).http://your-domain-name.com/wp-adminhttps://your-domain-name.com/wp-admin ( if you have an SSL certificate installed, then use https:// )This will redirect you to the WordPress admin page of your website. However, you can also try these other suffixes given below khổng lồ access the WordPress admin page of your website.


How to lớn Access WordPress Admin Login on Subdomain

If you have set up your WordPress website or blog on the subdomain and you want lớn access or login to lớn WordPress admin then you use the above suffixes along with your subdomain URL.http://subdomain.your-domain-name.com/wp-adminOrhttp://subdomain.your-domain-name.com/wp-login.php

How lớn Access WordPress Admin Login with Sub-directory

Like subdomains, If you have set up your WordPress trang web or blog into the sub-directory of your root folder then you can access the admin panel of your WordPress website by using the above suffixes next to your trang web address along with the sub-directory.Eg: If your tên miền name is example.com & you have mix up WordPress inside the directory named tutorials then you can access WordPress admin like


How to lớn Fix Can’t Access WordPress Admin Login Page

If the above methods are not working for you khổng lồ access your WordPress admin login page or showing you page not found error, then there can be issues with plugin conflicts or incorrect admin URL.Note: I highly recommend you create a backup & keep it before doing any changes as described below especially if you are not very aware of the technical side of WordPress và cPanel.

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Fix Plugin Conflicts

Often seen in some cases, some of the security or other plugins can conflict with WordPress when it comes to access admin. So in that case, log in khổng lồ your cPanel & go lớn File Manager

Then Go to lớn public_html >> wp-content & then rename the plugins folder to plugins_old or whatever & then try to access the WordPress admin page with the above methods.

If it’s working for you that means one of the plugins is creating issues, now rename the plugins_old folder back lớn plugins & go inside this plugins folder.

Once you renamed your plugins_old thư mục back to default plugins, try to access WordPress admin & obviously it will again get stuck. Now we will find out the plugin that creates conflicts.To find out which plugin is creating issues, rename the folder of installed plugins one by one và keep checking khổng lồ access WordPress admin.Note: After renaming, plugins don’t forget khổng lồ rename them again to lớn put their original name, otherwise it can break your website designs or functionalities.


As you will rename the conflicting plugin, you will be able lớn access WordPress admin và also figure out the culprit. Once you find out the conflicting plugin then you can either remove that or you can use any other alternative of that plugin.

Find Correct WordPress Admin URL from Database

If you are not able to access your WordPress admin with a standard admin URL then there can be a chance, you are using the wrong admin URL of your website.To find out the correct WordPress admin URL of your site, just login into the cPanel of your trang web then go khổng lồ the PHPMyAdmin

In the next step, select the correct database of your WordPress website, then go lớn the table wp_options or the table with suffix _options.Note: Prefixes for these tables could be different for each website.Inside this table, find out the value for site URL & copy that URL.


Now use this URL with /wp-admin to access WordPress admin or login page. According to lớn the URL showing in the image, our WordPress admin URL will be https://shrivastavabhuvnesh.com/wp-adminI hope this article helps you to access the WordPress admin page of your website or blog. If you still have any questions related to the same, feel miễn phí to ask in the comment.