Html — Lorsque J"Essaie D"Ouvrir Un Fichier Html Via `Http: // Localhost/Xampp/Htdocs/Index


when I try lớn open an HTML file through `http://localhost/xampp/htdocs/index.html` it says unable to lớn connect khổng lồ localhost

I have installed XAMPPhường , there is a htdocs folder & inside it index.html file ,when I try khổng lồ open it in my browser through http://localhost/xampp/htdocs/index.html it saysunable to connect to lớn localhost .

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what is wrong ?

instead of

http://localhost/xampp/htdocs/index.htmltry just

http://localhost/index.htmlor if index.html is saved in a folder in htdocs then

htdocs is your default document-root directory, so you have khổng lồ use localhost/index.html to lớn see that html tệp tin. In other words, localhost is mapped lớn xampp/htdocs, so index.html is at localhost itself. You can change the location of document root by modifying httpd.conf and restarting the server.

Start your XAMPP.. server by using:


Then you have lớn use the URI http://localhost/index.html because htdocs is the document root of the Apabít VPS.

If you"re getting redirected to lớn http://localhost/xampp/*, then index.php located in the htdocs thư mục is the problem because index.php files have sầu a higher priority than index.html files.You could temporarily rename index.php.

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You need to lớn start your Apabít Server normally you should have sầu an xampp icon in the info-section from the taskbar, with this tool you can start the apache VPS as wel as the mysql database (if you need it)

All created by user files saved in C:xampphtdocs directory by default,so no need lớn type the default path in a browser window, just typehttp://localhost/yourfilename.php or http://localhost/yourfoldername/yourfilename.php this will show you the nội dung of your new page.

You should simply create your own thư mục in htdocs và save sầu your .html và .php files in it. An example is create a folder called myNewFolder directly in htdocs. Don"t put it in index.html. Then save all your.html và .php files in it like this-> "localhost/myNewFolder/myFilename.html" or "localhost/myNewFolder/myFilename.php"I hope this helps.

I just put an index.html tệp tin in /htdocs and type in - & up comes the html.

Add a folder "named Forum" và type in

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