Dear Parents, Please complete the following steps lớn create a Scratch account. If you have any questions, please e-mail your questions to lớn ttnv
thietkewebhcm.com.vn. Access the Scratch website via https://scratch.mit.edu/. Click the ‘Join Scratch’ button on the top-right corner. A window will pop up that asks you to lớn fill out personal information. Please fill out all


Dear Parents,

Please complete the following steps to create a Scratch account. If you have any questions, please thư điện tử your questions khổng lồ ttnv

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A window will pop up that asks you to fill out personal information. Please fill out all the information.Create a username: Choose a username that you would like to use on Scratch.Create a password: Choose a secure password that should contain lowercase, UPPERCASE, numbers, and special characters (! * etc.). You should choose a password that has at least 6 characters, including numbers and letters. The password should be saved for future login. If parents create the password, please chú ý down and give it lớn your child for usage.Type the password again: Fill in the password one more time. You can select the box ‘Show the password’ lớn look at the password you just created.After filling out all the information, click on ‘Next’ khổng lồ complete the rest of the registration steps.When the next window pops up, click on the arrow lớn choose your country. Click ‘Next’ when finished.Fill in your child’s birthday by month và year. Then, click ‘Next.’Choose your child’s gender; Scratch has multiple options for you to lớn select, such as Female, Male, Non-binary, Another gender, & Prefer not lớn say. Once finished, click ‘Next.’For this window, please type in the thư điện tử that you want lớn use for this registration. Next, select ‘Create your account’ lớn complete registering your Scratch account.After that, Scratch will automatically send you a confirmation email regarding your Scratch account registration. You will need to lớn click on ‘Confirm my account’ to lớn confirm và finish the registration.The site will then liên kết you to lớn the home page where you can log in using the username và password you just create. Click on ‘OK, let’s go!’ lớn start using Scratch.HOW to lớn CREATE A NEW PROJECT ON SCRATCHOn the trang chủ page, click ‘Create’ on the top-left hand corner.A new window opens where students can start building games.

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*Note: We suggest that parents help students log in to the Scratch tài khoản before class & then create a new project. Then, students will follow instructions from teachers khổng lồ build their Scratch project.


The mặc định language of Scratch is English, you can change to Vietnamese by the following steps:

Click on the world icon on the top-left hand corner, a danh sách of languages will appear.Scroll down to lớn the end và click ‘Vietnamese.’HOW TO nói qua YOUR PROJECTName your project, as shown in box 1.Select ‘Share’ as shown in box 2 to nói qua your project with the public. Then, a notification indicates that you have successfully shared your project. Click on the ‘Copy Link’ button on the bottom-right corner khổng lồ copy your project’s link.


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