Can i buy a free domain from hostinger without buying the hosting?


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There are over one billion websites in the world. While this number changes every second, a domain name name gives your own identity và lets you stvà out from your competitors. For instance, when you type, you’ll always land on this very website—never somewhere else.

You cannot launch a website without a tên miền. Read on as we show you how khổng lồ get a tên miền name easily, & most importantly, for miễn phí.

Why Getting a Free Domain Name Is Worth It

A domain name allows you to lớn create a distinctive sầu online presence exclusive to you & your business. From your customer’s viewpoint, it makes it easier for them to lớn visit their favorite websites.

However, the importance of a tên miền name isn’t limited to lớn a technical shortcut. A good tên miền name—one that’s memorable and relevant to your business—can make a significant difference between creating a successful web presence và getting lost in the multitudes of the world wide website.

And it’s even better when that domain name is free!

Here are three reasons why getting a good domain name name is worth your time:

Helps Build Your Online Brand

A tên miền name that aligns with your business will help build your brvà and create a svào business image.

When your domain name matches your company name, it increases your brvà awareness. This reinforces your branding and company name by making it easier for customers lớn rethành viên & return. Increased awareness also creates word-of-mouth publithành phố opportunities.

Adds Mobility khổng lồ Your Online Presence

Owning your domain name name allows you to take that name with you if you switch to lớn an in-house server or transfer website hosts.

This won’t be possible if you don’t have the ownership rights of your domain. Instead, you’ll have khổng lồ get a new URL, which will not only lower your search engine ranking but also destroy your existing branding & kinh doanh.

Adds Credibility lớn Your Business

A great domain name name lends instant credibility lớn your business và puts you in the same online spot as your rivals. It also makes your customers see you as a conveniently accessible company, which can seriously help increase traffic.

It makes your company look professional too. When you publish your site through a miễn phí web hosting site or an ISPhường, your URL will look something lượt thích–yourcompanyname.

What vì you think would appeal lớn your customer more, or We’re sure you’ll agree that the latter looks like a more trustworthy site that deserves your time và money.

Now imagine getting all the above sầu advantages WITHOUT having to lớn pay a single cent for your domain name. Amazing, right?

Obviously, getting a không lấy phí domain is totally worth it.

The Investment Needed lớn Get a Free Domain Name

You can get a không tính phí domain, yes. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be paying for other trang web services.

Sound confusing? Hear us out.

Many website host companies offer a miễn phí domain in exchange for signing up for their hosting plans. Bluehost, for example, gives không tính tiền domain name names for a year to lớn customers who host their websites with them. This way, they profit from you indirectly, where the cost of the domain name is recouped from the hosting fee.

No need to panic, though. This method is still worth it since web hosting is something you’ll inevitably need when building a trang web. Plus, these website hosts provide you with excellent tốc độ & uptime reliability.

But how much bởi vì you actually pay?

The fee you pay for your “free” tên miền name depends on the subscription plan you choose. For example, Bluehost plans start from $3.95 per month, whereas Dreamhost has plans starting from $2.95 per month. Hostinger, our top pick for the best web hosting services, is the cheapest, with plans starting at $1.39 per month.

Buying website hosting services isn’t your only option, either.

Other companies offering a không lấy phí domain name may want free ad space on your website or access to the personal information of your visitors lớn sell on khổng lồ advertisers. We don’t recommend making giao dịch with such companies, as saving $10-$15 per year for those things will not be worth it in the long run.

When it comes lớn domain name registration, there is no such thing as a miễn phí lunch.

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4 Steps lớn Get a Free Domain Name

We’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of signing up with Hostinger for your không tính tiền tên miền here. Even if you want lớn sign up with another website host, the steps will be similar. You’ll be getting a không lấy phí domain either way.

#1 — Head Over to lớn

Go to lớn in your browser. 

Once the official website opens, click on Domain Checker under the Domain tab on the top menu bar.

#2 — Chechồng the Availability of Your Desired Domain Name

In the tìm kiếm bar, enter your desired tên miền name and choose Search. If the domain name is available, you’ll see the option lớn Add to Cart. Select it.

If the tên miền name isn’t available, you’ll have to look for other alternatives. You can use free trang web name generators like Domain Wheel for inspiration. This tool will give sầu you tons of domain name name ideas after you type in your nibít keyword.

Don’t panic if your first domain name idea is taken. With so many websites online, it happens to the best of us!

#3 — Choose the Type of Hosting

You’ll see the option to Select Hosting Plan just below the Add khổng lồ Cart option. Cliông chồng on it.

Hostinger offers tons of hosting options. Select the one that fits your needs best. Here’s a breakdown of each hosting type to make decision-making easier for you:

Shared Hosting — Best for Small lớn Medium-Sized Websites

Under shared hosting, you nội dung the same server resources with multiple other websites. It’s why this hosting style is so affordable. While it can accommodate the needs of low-traffic sites, this hosting type can potentially cause slow loading times and performance issues as your traffic increases. Therefore, we would only recommend it if you don’t expect high traffic volumes.

Cloud Hosting — Best for Growing Websites

Shared hosting isn’t always enough for a quickly growing trang web. But that doesn’t mean that site owners have sầu khổng lồ immediately go for the most expensive sầu hosting. Cloud hosting gives users the best of both worlds—the power và reliability of VPS hosting và the simplicity of shared hosting. It’s the perfect option for trang web owners that want a scalable plan on a budget.

WordPress Hosting — Best for WordPress-powered Websites

As the name suggests, WordPress hosting has been optimized và fine-tuned khổng lồ run WordPress websites, allowing users khổng lồ store all their trang web files & folders lớn ensure peak performance. It’s an optimal option for WordPress site owners.

cPanel Hosting — Best for cPanel-based Web Hosting Solutions

cPanel is well-renowned for its reliability & diversity. Since it can simplify complex technical & development issues, it’s often the go-khổng lồ option for trang web owners looking for an intuitive & user-friendly solution. This hosting type eliminates barriers khổng lồ entry, making it accessible for all kinds of users. Keep in mind that once you install cPanel, you’re fully responsible for the web hosting process.

VPS Hosting — Best for Getting Dedicated Resources to lớn Scale

VPS hosting gives you access to lớn dedicated resources, so you don’t have sầu khổng lồ cốt truyện with other websites. As a result, you get better performance and faster loading speeds. Technically, you still giới thiệu a server with other websites, but having a virtual hệ thống guarantees useful resources to you exclusively. Understandably, this hosting type is aimed at websites that can accommodate a higher price point.

Other than the above, Hostinger also offers Minecraft hosting & CyberPanel VPS hosting. But since you can’t register a domain with these plans, we won’t be discussing them. Ignoring these two, you get a miễn phí domain name with every other type of hosting on Hostinger.

To make this guide easier to lớn follow, we’ve chosen Shared Hosting.

#4 — Select Your Web Hosting Plan and Complete the Remaining Steps

Hostinger has three shared hosting plans: Single Shared Hosting, Premium Shared Hosting, và Business Shared Hosting. However, you only get a không tính phí domain with the last two options.


We recommend going for Premium Shared Hosting, which is the most popular option and excellent for personal websites.

This plan will cost you $2.59 per month for the length of your initial contract (four years, in order khổng lồ get this deal), followed by $5.99 per month after that. In addition to a miễn phí domain name, you also get several other freebies, including gmail, SSL, Google ads credit, and unlimited databases và bandwidth. 

No doubt, four years is a big commitment, but Hostinger is an excellent website host provider trusted by millions worldwide. If you’re still apprehensive, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee that can come in handy if you aren’t satisfied with the service.

Select the domain name registration and hosting time period for the plan, and clichồng on Cheông chồng Out Now. You’ll see your không lấy phí tên miền in the order summary.

There are only two more steps lớn finish signing up with Hostinger. First, fill in the gmail address you plan lớn use khổng lồ log in and select a payment method.

Finally, cliông chồng Submit Secure Payment or Pay—whichever option pops up on your screen.

Congrats! You now have a Hostinger web hosting tài khoản & a miễn phí domain.

Next Steps

After getting a web hosting service và domain, your next step should be lớn get an amazing website builder. Once your website is ready, you can either use it for blogging, launching an online store—or anything else you want. Here are some Crazy Egg guides lớn get you started on the right trachồng.