Làm Thế Nào Để Sửa Lỗi Error Establishing A Database Connection

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I am trying to lớn install thietkewebhcm.com.vn 3.63 on a Windows năm nhâm thìn server running IIS 10 with PHP 7.2.14. I am running the initial cài đặt from the thietkewebhcm.com.vn website page in my hệ thống (Database Settings). I want khổng lồ connect khổng lồ a MS SQL vps 2008 database that I created, but am stuck on the database connection page.

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I get the following error:

Error: database driver problem detected

The site administrator should verify vps configuration

Microsoft Drivers for SQL hệ thống for PHP are not installed or not configured properly.

Using the PHP Manager within IIS, I enabled php_sqlsrv_73_ts_x64.dll and php_sqlsrv_73_ts_x86.dll, but still get the error.

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Re: thietkewebhcm.com.vn và MS SQL server 2008 Connection

do Leon Stringer - máy sáu, 5 tháng 4 2019, 4:54 AM

You say you have PHP 7.2.14 so you"ll want the DLLs corresponding to PHP 7.2, i.e. Php_sqlsrv_72_….dll, not php_sqlsrv_73_….dll.

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According lớn the PHP download page you should be using the Non-Thread Safe build of PHP when using IIS. If this is what you have you"ll need the _nts_ versions of the DLLs (not _ts_).

Presumably you"ve got the 64-bit build of PHP so you"ll only need the _x64 DLL, not the _x86 one.

The Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL vps depend on the Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL server so you"ll need lớn install this too. The exact version of the ODBC driver varies with the PHP driver version so check this: there"s a links to these details under System Requirements of the Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server tải về page.

To confirm the SQL vps extension is working I bởi vì the following: showroom the SQL server extension to php.ini (e.g. extension=php_sqlsrv_72_nts.dll) and then run php -i at the command line checking that 1) there are no errors and 2) the extension is listed in the output. (php -i also tells you if it"s the 64-bit or 32-bit PHP build, and whether it"s the Thread Safe or Non-Thread Safe build).

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