If you are asked khổng lồ format the disk when you plug in external device lượt thích USB flash drive, SD card, in case data lost , don’t format disk immediately. In some cases, the device still won’twork even it’s formatted.

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The error message will appear lượt thích this. Cảnh báo that the drive name will be different according khổng lồ the device you are using. For instance, if your device is displayedas E: in your computer, the error message will be “You need khổng lồ format the disk in drive E: before you can use it”.

When you meet this problem, try solutions here first. Which are easy lớn follow.

Solution 1:Try different USB ports

Plug yourdevice in another USB port và see if the problem persists. Try all USB ports that you have on your PC.

Solution 2: Recover the disk using Windows DOS (Data won’t be lost.)

Follow these steps:

1. Press Win+R (Window key & R key) at the same time. A Run dialog box will appear.

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2. Type cmd in the run box và click OK button.


Note that you are required lớn run this as administrator. If not, you would get prompt message. If you are not sure how to run as administrator, seeHow to open Command Prompt as Administrator in Windows.

3. Type chkdsk : /f. Then press Enter key.

Your hard disk letter means the name of your hard disk shown in computer. For instance, ifyour hard disk is named as “G”, just type “chkdsk G: /f”. Following screen shot is for your reference. The process won’t finishuntil the verification is 100% completed.


Solution 3: Run Antivirus software lớn scan your computer

The problem can be caused by virus. If you have installed Antivirus software, use it khổng lồ scan your computer khổng lồ detect the problem.

Solution 4: chạy thử the device on another computer

Plug the device to lớn another computer. If the problem still persists, the device most probably is damaged. You might need to lớn replace it with a new one.